Friday, May 25, 2007

Hello World!

I've blogged in various places here and there on a few occasions in the past, but never with any regularity or seriousness. This time, though, will be different!

We all go through periods of transition in our lives and I think this blog, as an outlet, will help me through this particular somewhat painful one I'm working through now; My wife and I have separated after nearly eight years. Yes, I know people get divorced all the time (although the divorce rate is ebbing at the moment). Still, going through it sucks even if it's as amicable as my ex and I are trying to make it.

Make no mistake, though, this blog isn't going to consistently solely of emo moaning and angst about divorce. I honestly hope that's only a small percentage when the blog is taken as a whole. I'm a geek. I work as a network engineer at a technology company here in Research Triangle Park (who shall remain nameless for the time being) and I love my job and all the little interesting bits of tech that I get to play with day in and day out. I read voraciously with a strong bent towards SF of the old school hardcore variety. That's not to say there aren't some kick ass new writers out there. John Scalzi and Alastair Reynolds immediately come to mind.

So watch this space for frequent (hopefully) updates in the future. For now, it's time to kickstart the holiday weekend.

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